80% of French citizens (22 million households) will soon benefit from a reduction of the ‘taxe d’habitation’ on their main residence :

In 2018 the reduction will be 30%

In 2019 the reduction will be 65%

In 2020 full exempt

Here are the conditions to be entitled to it :

  1. The RFR (Revenu Fiscal de Référence : Tax revenu of reference) of 2017 shouldn’t be greater than 28000 € for the first part of the family quotient increased by 8500 € for the following 2 half-parts, then by 6000 € for the following parts = > Your RFR is on your tax notification.
  2. Not have been liable for the ISF or IFI (wealth taxes) the previous year.

What are the procedures to benefit from the exempt ?

  1. If you pay for your tax annually = >Nothing to do ! The administration will do it for you.
  2. If you pay your tax monthly : make an estimation of the amount due for 2018 on the website impots.gouv.fr and ask for a new valuation directly online.