Following a lot of testimonies from landlords renting their properties as seasonal lets, nowadays online booking platforms keep being pointed at. A lot of scandals have happened and many property owners were left disappointed with no actions to be taken…

After a huge mishap, a client asked us to manage her apartment. Before, she used to rent it through the different booking websites until the day she found her studio flat upside down… “I was devastated, this place is all I have” she told us as she had just renovated the place.

To avoid this kind of problems, if you are not around, here are the advantages to rent your property through our agency:

–              Save time: the agency will promote and commercialise your property and will therefore find the right tenants. After that, she will welcome them and will also check the property before they leave. The agency’s team knows perfectly well the properties in their portfolio and will make sure that everything is in order before and after each client.

–              Less pressure: Unlike booking platforms, the agency is on the ground and can manage any dispute on your behalf and make the clients face their responsibilities when something has been damaged

We will make sure to get in touch with the appropriate tradesman when needed (plumber, electrician, carpenter, etc…)

You have someone trustworthy on the ground, that can intervene at any point, you will be able to relax while we deal with everything.

Géraldine, chalet owner told us: “What a relief it has been for me to let Alpeslocation deal with holidaymakers’ arrivals and departures, arranging for cleaning to come in, I have nothing to worry about anymore!”